11 new ways to make a room seem bigger

We will not advise you to make the walls light and hang mirrors, but we will suggest really little-known ways to visually expand the space.

1 Don’t be afraid of accents

You may well hang a large chandelier that will draw attention to itself. Oversized lamps are often specially installed in interiors in order to achieve a play with space.

2 Highlight high ceilings

Unless, of course, you have them. In this case, long straight curtains, cornices fixed directly under the ceiling, and wallpaper with a vertical pattern will help you. And if not, go to the next point.

3 Place low furniture

This will make your ceilings appear higher.

4 Hang big pictures

A nice touch that will not only make your room look bigger, but also give it a more expensive look.

5 Use ottomans instead of coffee tables

Furniture in small spaces should be multifunctional. A small tray may well take on the role of a coffee table, which will fit a coffee mug and a vase of flowers.

6 Paint the walls in dark or saturated colors

This technique may seem unexpected, but dark framing creates a sophisticated backdrop for simple lines, making the space more stylish and impressive. Compare which is better: just a small room in which a lot of furniture was placed, or an elegant interior in an unexpected color scheme?

7 Buy furniture with thin long legs

Ditch massive chests of drawers and wall units in favor of lighter storage systems, tables and chairs with high legs, for example, in the mid-century aesthetic. In the arches between the legs, the missing space will be visible.

8 Put the sofa in front of the window

Let those sitting on the sofa see the view from the window, and not the wall too close.

9 Get invisible shelves

They are much better than shelves with fasteners in terms of visual space saving. As you may have noticed, if you can refuse something in a small room, you need to boldly do it.

10 Get rid of visual noise

There should be no mess on open shelves and racks! The color scheme must also be observed in storage. It is better to hide multi-colored objects in the same boxes and baskets, and books can be turned with their spines facing the viewer.

11 Add op art prints

The use of patterns in the style of Maurits Escher pushes the boundaries of the room and attracts attention. A simplified version is tiles with zigzags on the floor: it visually lengthens the room, which looks good in a bathroom or corridor. Geometric 3D prints can also be used on curtains, lampshades and decorative pillows. Large zigzags are also often painted on the walls.