Let’s figure out what models exist and what to consider when choosing.

Despite the fact that today almost all TVs are mounted to the wall, the space under them does not have to remain empty. A TV cabinet is not only a decorative element, but also an opportunity to organize additional storage. In this article we tell you what they are and how to choose the right model.

Shape and size

An important question is what shape the product should be and what is the optimal ratio with the TV in size. There are several rules.


Modern TV cabinets are made from different materials.


The color of the product depends on the overall palette of the room and on the role that is assigned to it.

For a bright bedroom or living room, especially if it is small in size, white, gray or beige furniture is suitable. An interesting option is the texture of light wood in combination with one of these shades.

Trey Console Table

If you need to lighten and visually expand a small space as much as possible, choose a white finish for walls and ceilings, as well as a product with a light body – this way it will “float in the air” and merge with the surface.

Another scenario is a pedestal as an accent. It can stand out due to a rich color or texture: the texture of wood, stone or marble, contrast with a bright finish, or, conversely, act as an active element against a neutral background.

In a Scandinavian, eco or boho interior, the natural texture of wood looks good. Depending on the overall palette, it can be dark or light, with a yellowish or cold shade. For a classic style, deep tones of dark and mahogany are suitable, which can duplicate the surface of a table or cabinets.


In addition to appearance, filling is also important for such furniture – it depends on what and in what quantities you can store there. When choosing a TV cabinet, pay attention to the following points.

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