In the article I will consider the role of an ottoman in the interior of a room and tell you what it is. I will list the features of the varieties: one and a half sleeping, euro ottoman, transformer, with a back and roll-out. I will consider popular color schemes, materials for manufacturing. I’ll tell you about the nuances of the correct location of the subject.

Ottoman in the interior of the room

The ottoman does not take up much space and easily adapts to any design solution. It is used as an additional place to sit or sleep. It does not have wide armrests. Modern models below contain a drawer in which it is convenient to store various things.

It has an acceptable cost and is presented in a wide range. Manufacturers use a variety of plating options. Thanks to this, the models fit into almost any interior.

An ottoman with the same efficiency can be placed in a guest or nursery. It looks like a small sofa, but is used as a sleeping place for children or an adult. It differs from the bed in size and the presence of backs.

Types of ottomans and their sizes

This furniture in a wide range began to be offered recently. When choosing a specific option, it is recommended to carefully analyze the external and operational properties.

Euro ottoman

The ottoman has a complex mechanism. It folds out at the back. After activating the mechanism, the furniture will take up more space. However, two people can sit on it at once.


Manufacturers use several types of transformation. For example, you can get another place to sleep using a retractable block.

The functionality has its drawbacks. With frequent use, the mechanism quickly fails.

With back

The classic solution is the corner back. The furniture will fit perfectly into the decor of any room and will significantly save space.

A daybed with three backs should fit perfectly into the design of the room. Its appearance is specific and is used to place certain accents.


A new bed is obtained by pumping furniture forward. The top of the couch will need to be lowered down. Outwardly, the ottoman has many features similar to a double sofa.

Color solutions

The perception of space in the room depends on the choice of furniture. The color depends on the size of the room.

Upholstery should not merge with walls or floors. It is recommended to play in contrast.

Designers give advice:

Manufacturing materials

The service life of the ottoman depends on the materials from which the frame and the internal mechanism are made:


The furniture is compact, so it is often used in the design of the room.

When choosing a location, it is recommended to use the following tips:

The main advantage is the ability to get several beds in the room at once.

An ottoman is a great solution for a room in a small apartment. A wide range of models is presented in construction stores. The client selects the option that fully satisfies the requirements in terms of appearance and functionality. First you need to carefully analyze the style of a particular room.

Color plays an important role. It makes an object invisible or draws attention to it. Separate covers are sold for the ottoman. They are able to quickly return to their original appearance when pollution appears.