A bright sofa or armchair can decorate the interior or make it tasteless. We tell you in which cases colored upholstery is appropriate and how to fit it into the interior.

Beige or gray furniture is a versatile option for any interior. This is its advantage and disadvantage at the same time: sometimes the basic shades are so annoying that you want to make a color revolution. How not to waste money and change the space for the better and when bright furniture is appropriate – we answer these questions in the article and suggest how to use accent upholstery.

Choose an upholstery that matches your pet

The most obvious reason why many people refuse stylish upholstery in favor of “non-marking” is the presence of pets. After all, any, even the most beautiful upholstery, a layer of white, gray or red wool will spoil in the blink of an eye. You can try to pick up a sofa or chair “in tone” – choose white furniture with a print for a white cat, and orange furniture for a red one. Then the hair will be less noticeable.

Put a bright sofa against a brick wall

Basically, this finish is typical for the loft style. Against a dark background, a bright sofa will look even brighter, and the interior will look more original. And the brickwork will create the necessary contrast between luxurious furniture and rough finishes.

Add dynamics to a neutral palette

If the base colors are nondescript, there are no interesting shapes among the furniture, and in general the whole interior is rather bland – this is the perfect occasion to include a bright spot in the form of furniture with unusual upholstery. It will make the space livelier, and add character to the interior.

Dilute the white interior

The antonym of dark finishes – absolutely white walls – are also great friends with bright furniture. And if in the case of dark walls and floors, color adds drama to the interior, then in a white interior it is the main accent in the room. It is better to fit colored furniture into the interior with a carpet or other textiles in a similar style, or even to match the sofa.

Make a monochrome interior versatile

Despite the fact that monochrome interiors are in trend, you can quickly get tired of a monotonous palette. Bright furniture will come to the rescue. You can support the idea of ​​decorating a room in one color and choose an armchair or sofa in the same palette, but in a brighter tone. Color experts recommend choosing furniture upholstery more actively than the main color in the room. But not darker than window textiles, if you have one.

Highlight the black ceiling

In itself, this design move, although known for many years, has not become ultra-popular. However, if you have a dark ceiling in your house, you should choose active upholstery for furniture as a bright contrast to make the interior look diverse.

Support other bright decor

You can choose the decor to match the sofa, or you can do the opposite – and the picture that alone enlivened the space in the house will find a companion in the form of a bright pouffe, armchair or even a sofa group. You can do the same with bright wallpapers – you can emphasize or soften their shade by placing bright furniture next to it.