Uncomfortable hard stools to save space

Stylish kitchen design means nothing if you feel uncomfortable. For example, one of the main inconveniences is small hard stools. Sitting on them for more than 15 minutes is hard. Although this problem is partially solved by purchasing special seat cushions, such techniques are striking in their compulsion and temporality. In addition, it is more difficult to choose stools for the dining table – you will rarely find such ready-made groups in store collections.

How better

Chairs with backs will look more harmonious with any table. Even if you have a small kitchen, you can find options with a low narrow back, with a reduced seat area (which will still be larger and more comfortable than a stool). After eating, they slide under the table and take up a minimum of space around. Owners of large kitchens are lucky – you can buy chairs with wide backs and armrests. They are comfortable and look nice.

Massive legs or underframe at the dining table

Models and dimensions of the kitchen table depend on the area and style of the room. What you should definitely avoid are options with massive underframes and large legs. First, it visually overloads the room. Secondly, 100% of those sitting at the table will fight about them. And children who love to crawl on the floor, hide, can be injured. Be especially careful when buying a folding model – check if the mechanism under the table interferes with your knees.

How better

There is no special advice here: just give preference to tables with the least bulky design. By the way, it is more convenient to use those whose legs are located not exactly at the corners, but a little deeper, when the edges of the tabletop are outside them.

Table location in a cramped corner

It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is compact or spacious, whether you need a large or miniature table. The main thing is not to place the dining area in a cramped corner. First of all, it is difficult to approach such a closed space and bring plates of food. In addition, there is a risk that a “crumpled” table with stools or chairs in the corner will introduce visual disharmony into the interior. And finally, if the corner is away from the window or exit to the balcony, you will feel gloomy and uncomfortable in it.

How better

In large kitchens, there is a great option to put the dining group in the center of the room – or separate the dining area altogether. In regular sized rooms, it is better to place the table against the wall so that the approach is from three sides. In tiny ones, use a window sill, part of a headset or a bar counter. By the way, in the combined kitchen-living rooms, the dining group can become a “partition” – especially if you put it behind the back of the sofa.

The dining group is fundamentally different from the headset

A quality dining table with comfortable chairs is important, but when looking for quality and comfort, don’t forget about looks. Unconsciously, many people make this mistake by choosing a group that does not match the kitchen set. You need to take into account different factors: style, shape, fittings, material, color. If the facades or countertops are wooden, then make sure that the wooden table will not argue with their texture and shade.

How better

There are so many options for both headsets and tables that eyes widen. Don’t let yourself be fooled! If you choose everything at the same time and in one place – great, just compare according to the above parameters. If not, take a picture of the furniture that you already have, and attach the photo to potential purchases in stores. When shopping online, rely not only on the pictures on the site, also look at what buyers post – in reviews or on social networks using hashtags.

No decor – pure functionality

The place where we eat is not only functional. Often, forgetting about this, we do not decorate this area in any way, we do not think about comfort. Empty table, chairs around and everything – check if you have it?

How better

Everything is very simple – do not forget about the decor. Start with a tablecloth with a runner, and then complete them with a beautiful arrangement in the center of the table. If he stands against a wall, then it can be used by hanging a shelf or several. On them – arrange a small decor. Give liveliness to the dining group and a few posters on a culinary or abstract topic, or a whole wall gallery in the style of the entire kitchen.