We tell you where to put the bed, how to fit round and traditional furniture, what rules to follow when choosing the base material and decorating the headboard.

Sleeping furniture is one of the fundamental elements in the interior of this room. How to design a bedroom: with a bed by the window or against the wall? Which model to choose: wooden or textile? With or without a canopy? We answer questions that will help you fit the bedroom furniture into the interior of the room.

Where to place?

There are a lot of articles on the Internet on the location of the bed in Feng Shui. We will not touch on this aspect, but we will talk about planning from the point of view of ergonomics – the science of how to create a comfortable space around you.

The layout of the room largely depends on its size. Those solutions that are suitable for spacious rooms can hardly be implemented in tiny spaces.

Small rooms

If you are the owner of a typical apartment, then the area of the sleeping room most likely takes no more than 10-15 square meters. Designers are advised to consider the following when arranging.

In tiny rooms, there is rarely a question about the way the bed is placed. We can only note that designers often sacrifice one pass in favor of free footage. And this approach is justified.

Spacious rooms

Planning a spacious room is not as easy as it might seem. The possibility of choice often leads to errors in design, so sleep here is hardly pleasant.

Rules for selecting a square bed

What material to choose for the base?

In general, the choice of frame material largely depends on the overall style. A beige or brown bed will fit into almost any bedroom interior: in Scandinavian, modern and even classic. It can be made of wood, metal or upholstered in textiles. Things are more complicated with decorated products.

In addition, when choosing, it is worth considering the features of operation. Solid bases, wooden and metal, are insidious: you can hit a hard frame in the dark. Also, the metal case is always cold, and if you are a light sleeper, touching it can wake you up. The base with soft upholstery in this regard is the most convenient. However, it is more difficult to care for him. Once a week, the headboard is wiped with a damp cloth or vacuumed, depending on which fabric is used.

How to decorate?

One of the main trends today is headboard decor. These can be bright textile options with prints, embroidery and appliqués, or more minimalist ones based on a play of textures. This is an option for a wooden frame.

Are you not a fan of models with a headboard? Take advantage of accent finishes. In the photo, the design of the bedroom with wall decor behind the bed also looks impressive. It can be decorated with wooden panels, various panels or paintings, interesting shelves or, at its simplest, wallpaper with a pattern. This is a good solution for small spaces. Just do not select contrasting combinations to avoid the effect of reducing the area.

Another way to decorate a bed is a canopy. But again, the limitations are in the area. In small rooms, canopy structures are cramped, creating a feeling of stiffness and compactness of space. It is not necessary to equip additional systems here. And, if you want to focus on the bed, then it is better to use color for this. For example, a blue bed in the interior of a bedroom decorated in a calm palette will be a bright semantic and visual center.