The article contains tips from experienced designers. They are designed to help you make the best choice of outdoor furniture for any budget level.

2 groups of requirements for garden furniture

The organization of an outdoor recreation area in the garden is solved in two ways: 

Hence the performance characteristics that determine the durability of these products:

  1. increased resistance of materials of stationary furniture to temperature extremes, rain, snow, solar radiation;
  2. ease of transportation, transfer, assembly and disassembly of mobile pieces of furniture, as well as small dimensions when folded, allowing them to be stored in small closets.

Portable furniture is made light and durable, and for convenient use and movement in the garden by one person, large armchairs, couches, tables, barbecues, and other similar items are mounted on wheels or casters.

It is obvious that the unique design, beautiful colors, well-thought-out ergonomics of all pieces of furniture should ensure complete relaxation and comfort of use, and the materials should meet environmental requirements.

According to the functionality for outdoor use, furniture is distinguished:

  1. tables that allow not only eating, but also spending time at board games or doing your favorite hobby;
  2. chairs, benches for which it is convenient to sit with an interesting book or view news through mobile gadgets;
  3. rocking chairs as a symbol of comfort and prestige in a country house. They are made in various designs, from the classic woven rod to modern models with an electric drive, providing various swing options;
  4. sun loungers, hammocks, couches, sofas: you can relax, take a nap in the fresh air;
  5. garden swing, very popular with children of all ages.

A forged bench looks more exotic, the frame of which is made of metal, and the back, seat and armrests are made of noble wood.

The most prestigious material for making a bench is not wood or metal, but rattan – well-dried stems of a rattan tree growing in southeast Asia. They are lightweight, highly durable and flexible, and look great. Not only benches are weaved from them, but also other elite samples of furniture.

With the help of a garden bench, it is convenient to zone the garden space, marking a rest area near a beautiful flower bed or pond, the entrance to a house or garden.

Chaise lounges: prestigious furniture models for comfortable relaxation

The design of the back of the lounger, made in the shape of the human body, allows you to effectively relieve muscle tension, restore vigor and strength.

These types of furniture allow you to rest your head on the pillow, relax, sway at a calm pace and meditate.

Sturdy and light armchairs and their complementary rattan furniture are convenient to carry and place on any part of the cottage, choosing places with a beautiful interior for friendly or business conversations.

The most popular are armchairs, sun loungers and artificial rattan furniture. Lightweight designs are complemented by convenient folding tarpaulins. They have an original design and provide comfortable conditions for a person. Everything is very well thought out.

The material of this rattan is different from natural. For its manufacture, it is used by extrusion in the form of:

Chemically synthesized, rattan poses no danger to human health. It is based on ordinary polyethylene with natural rubber, which contains various additives.

Furniture made of it is not afraid of moisture. Depending on the base composition, you can select products that are resistant to ultraviolet radiation. It does not require special protection both during operation and during storage.

An ordinary consumer is often tormented by the question: which material to choose for furniture – artificial or natural rattan – which is better?

It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. They have approximately the same characteristics, and are comparable in price. Both materials are capable of supporting the weight of any person, although natural rattan is limited to a load of 120 kg, and artificial – 300.

It is worth considering that additional removable accessories are produced for sun loungers, for example, mattresses, capes, adjustable headrests, footrests. They differ in design and color.

3 tips from a designer on choosing furniture samples for a summer residence

The design of the site is well decorated with permanently installed pieces of furniture made by artistic forging or metal casting. Products made from polished granite with a combination of hard wood are especially impressive.

Their beauty and dignity is emphasized by the location near flower beds or ponds, pools, ponds. The paths finished with stone or paving slabs with beautiful borders allow to enhance the impression.

If you need to organize lunch or meals outdoors in the garden, it is best to use beautiful folding furniture made of aluminum or plastic.

Features of the care of garden furniture of different designs

The rules for using garden furniture depend on the composition of the materials from which they are made.

How to care for wood furniture

Extending the resource of wooden structures allows:

Features of the care of plastic furniture

The operation of plastic products requires compliance with the following conditions:

How to maintain a beautiful look for wrought iron and cast furniture 

Metal products must be regularly inspected for scratches, traces of corrosion, and other defects.

When found:

3 tips for caring for wicker furniture

Natural rattan, like willow products, is not resistant to moisture and direct sunlight. Therefore, wicker furniture should be protected from rain, and when they get wet, they should be taken to a dry and dark room, where they should be dried without exposure to sunlight.

Maintainability of garden furniture: what is important to consider

When choosing products from different materials, one should take into account the option of accidental damage during operation and the possibility of their restoration with their own hands in a garden plot.

Furniture made of stone, granite

It is unpretentious, practical, has increased durability, and is less susceptible to destruction at any time of the year. These natural materials, after the production of elements of stationary furniture, serve for a very long time and require minimal control. The stone is difficult to damage.

Metal garden furniture

Made by forging or casting, it is also strong and durable, but requires control of the state of the protective coating, decorative painting.

Stone and metal garden furniture has elements vulnerable to damage – wooden inserts for seats, backs, armrests, which are exposed to atmospheric precipitation and temperature changes during prolonged use in the open air.

They can dry out, crack and rot, require protection and repair, and in case of serious damage, a complete replacement.

Garden furniture made of natural wood – repair features

Has the same disadvantage as individual parts. Benches, tables, chairs made of wood require protection from rain and decay, treatment with special antibacterial impregnations.

If some element of wooden furniture has begun to rot, then, depending on the size of the damaged area, it should be repaired:

All wood materials can crack during outdoor use. Water will accumulate in them, decay will begin. They must be dried well, and then rubbed in with soft wax and covered with a layer of protective varnish or enamel.

Plastic garden furniture – 2 renovation technologies 

Tables, chairs made of plastic during operation under unfavorable conditions are also capable of cracking. Cracks can be repaired in two ways. The defective place is cleaned to the ground from dust and dirt, degreased, and then:

Wicker garden furniture: 2 characteristic defects

These country products after a certain period of time may differ:

Torn strips of wicker material need to be replaced with new ones, and fasteners in most cases can be restored on site with your own hands.

Repair of fabric surfaces of garden furniture 

Sun loungers, sun loungers, chairs are often equipped with fabric coverings that lose their bright colors and attractiveness in the sun, or even get damaged. They are changed in the usual ways of constriction.

It is recommended to use thicker materials such as teak, twill, canvas. Their strength should not be in doubt.

I hope that the information provided will be useful and will help you make the best choice of furniture based on your needs, taking into account any budget.