Does it matter what material the table or swing is made of on a country estate? Does it matter what style the dining room or common room in the family dacha will be furnished in? And is it necessary to pay close attention to the choice of materials from which garden furniture is made? All these questions are important if you care about the coziness and comfort of your family vacation spot outside the city. Let’s take a closer look at what options exist.

To make the rest fully comfortable and cozy, you need to put everything in order: the house itself, the surrounding area and, of course, choose the right furniture. After all, it is quite important – what to rest on, in what conditions to eat and in what environment to make friends in the bosom of nature.

Materials for garden furniture: what to give preference to?

Before talking about materials, let us recall: garden furniture involves two forms of use – outdoor and indoor. At the same time, country conditions are so free that the same piece of furniture can be successfully used both there and there. For example, chairs, tables, rocking chairs, etc. It is generally accepted that the best option is natural materials. Indeed, from the outside, everyone wants to be surrounded by everything natural, natural to the maximum. Therefore, wicker products made in Italy are so loved, for example, from chairs to gazebos.

Wooden garden furniture is no less common. Gardeners appreciate it for its environmental friendliness, perfect compatibility with the surrounding landscape, lightness. True, it is faster than artificial materials exposed to moisture, sun and wind, but today you can buy furniture models made of wood with impregnation, which reduces its wear. If possible, you can purchase garden furniture made of precious wood – they will also last longer.

Often used furniture made of plastic or other modern artificial materials. Its advantages are light weight (which allows you to easily move objects from place to place, from home to street and back), as well as bright colors and relative cheapness. For those who like to change the interior often, this is an acceptable option. Such furniture is also easy to care for, it is not scary to forget it on the open veranda in the rain or at night.

Recently, wrought iron garden furniture is gaining more and more popularity. The original design, pronounced style, durability of the material, good stability – these are, perhaps, its main advantages. However, it is worth noting that metal furniture is also produced, made using special technologies that make objects both practical and light.

The style of the garden dictates the style of the furniture

Gone are the days when garden furniture manufacturers focused on the average owner of a country house and produced absolutely standard items. Of course, at any outlet today you can buy typical benches, tables, swings, stools or chairs for summer cottages. However, if you have thought over the style of your entire garden in advance and decided to embody it by all available means, then it will not be difficult for you to either purchase or receive custom-made furniture.

the Baroque style will require the presence of forged metal products on the site or in the house (you can – in combination with inserts from various types of wood). Spectacular wicker rattan furniture will look great in several styles. For example, in “Classic” or “Country”.

From idea to implementation

Yeah, garden furniture in the first place should be practical, comfortable, reliable. But we must not forget that this is actually a small architectural form. That is, it requires a creative approach, a flight of fancy, coupled with taste and a sense of proportion. In addition to the materials already listed above, from which most garden furniture items are made, there are many other ideas. This is the so-called type of man-made garden furniture made from more unusual materials – stone, concrete, as well as folding or transformer-type furniture. Such models, as a rule, are made to order according to individual sketches. Sometimes – by the owners of the sites themselves, who have the necessary skills for this. There are, of course, more extravagant options.

Light, cheerful, laid-back mood will create furniture made according to newfangled ideas. For example, illuminated from the inside – such tables and chairs look very impressive in the evening on the veranda or in the garden. Or pieces of furniture filled with colorful balls will greatly enliven the green landscape of the site. A garden lamp is available in the form of a table lamp or a rocking chair with a hood.

A special place among these fantasies is occupied by multifunctional models. For example, a garden bench with built-in speakers: any melody can be downloaded via the Bluetooth of a mobile phone. And then each member of the family will be able to work in the garden to their favorite music.

Realizing their own ideas, the owners of garden plots fill the houses and the surrounding area with furniture made in the form of animal figures or cartoon characters, assemble it themselves from bundles of bamboo or some other unexpected materials. But be that as it may, any option is good if the result is a reliable, comfortable and pleasant garden furniture for your heart.